We pledge to continue to tell the stories of people whose voices are seldom heard, to promote and give life to art that is being overlooked, to empower composers and musicians who feel stifled, and to highlight in our art, women and men of history who have done the same before us. We pledge to continue to invite and encourage others and ourselves to sing our truths.

Das Blümelein Project's mission is to break the traditional barriers of classical vocal music so that people that are not familiar with the repertoire can be inspired by it. We are achieving this by collaborating with visual and performing artists to create a series of performances that challenge the way an audience experiences this repertoire. By introducing visual stimulants that are not usually associated with this art form, we aspire to give this repertoire a renewed voice.

We hope that our project will enrich our community by presenting different cultural elements, languages, and stories in a way that people can relate and connect with.

Our Mission

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“If there's a story to be told and we can tell it in an unconventional way, then why not?”

— bethany mamola, co-FOUNDER

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We are always searching for new artists, story tellers, composers, instrumentalists, singers and dancers to collaborate with.

If you are an artist that has something to say, we want to hear from you.