The TX Project

May Residency


  • Abi Stevens, Textile Artist

  • Sarah Black, Choreographer

  • Princess Grant, Dancer

  • Cayce Diggs, Dancer

  • Libby Simmons, Dancer

  • Haley Lent, Dancer

  • Dan Black, Conceptual Artist/Production

  • Brad Nyght, Audio Engineer

  • Matt Black, Videographer

  • Agostina Migoni, Vocalist

  • Bethany Mamola Vocalist

  • Sabrina Tabby, Violin

  • Jinty McTavish, Violin

  • Rita Andrade, Viola

  • Genevieve Tabby, Cello

  • Andrew Vogt, Arranger                                          

We shot a three-day collaboration with a visual storyteller, an all-female string quartet, four modern dancers, one choreographer, one textile artist and one visual and conceptual aritst.

  • The purpose of this video lies in our passion for artistic collaboration and the importance of merging the different art forms to keep the fine arts alive in our communities.




Visually, we conceptualized clean lines, and bright walls, contrasting with both the colors of the instruments in the string quartet and the vibrancy of the textile.


We arranged an art song that was originally written for soprano and piano by an under-represented Polish composer, Joseph Szulc, for string quartet. 

  • By arranging the piece for string quartet, we have eliminated the need for a piano or keyboard in our performance space, making the performance of this work more accessible and ameniable to unconvential spaces.





By collaborating with other art forms, we allow this specific genre of music to be more accessible to an audience that is not familiar with the repertoire. If the audience cannot connect with the music because of the language barrier, we hope that they can connect with the instruments, the movement and dancers, the set or the visual stimulants presented. 

Also, by creating a platform for local artists to collaborate, we are allowed to showcase the diverse talent in our community.

Photo May 31, 10 51 05 AM.jpg