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Since the days of 19th century Germany, lieder (songs) were composed to be sung in a recital setting, typically with piano accompaniment and often set to poetry. Two hundred years later, not much has changed... Instead, they [Migoni and Mamola] favor adding visual stimulants to their performances, staging the productions the way they would an opera or play. By working with other interdisciplinary art forms onstage, they aim to create a total experience for the audience.
— Amy Bishop, Arts + Culture Texas
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At 26 years old, I rejected the traditional options for an opera singer and decided to create my own path. I learned I no longer needed validation from an industry in order to call myself an artist. This decision led to the co-founding of an arts organization called Das Blümelein Project with my creative partner, Bethany Mamola. Our sole purpose in creating DBP, was to build solutions within the opera industry by giving power back to the artists and creating paid opportunities for artists.
— Agostina Migoni, Arts + Culture Texas, Co-Founder of Das Blümelein Project
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Das Blümelein is German for “a small blossom about to bloom.” But for Mamola and Migoni, it means a way to keep humanity’s stories alive through traditional classical music in untraditional settings.
— Emily Olkkola, North Texas Daily