The Breckenridge Project

Artists in Residence

I remembered that the real world was wide and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements, awaited those who had the courage to go forth into expanse, to seek real knowledge of life amidst its perils.
— Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Candlelit Cabaret

For our first pop up in Breckenridge, CO, we will be presenting a candlelit cabaret in collaboration with BreckCreate and the Breckenridge Candle Cabin.

We have programmed an evening of music that is split up into three sections to showcase love in a few of its different forms: romantic love, self-love, love of friendship, and love for a child.

Christopher Simoni has created three distinctive candle scents to fit each musical set and they will be lit as our backdrop during the concert to enhance the audiences connection with these musical stories.

Enticement: A Musical Narrative

For our final pop-up event during our residency in Breckenridge, we will be collaborating with BreckCreate and Australian artist, Tanya Schultz, who works as Pip & Pop.

DB Project’s inspiration for this event is the Nordic culture of Breckenridge, the mysticism of the mountains and the fleeting nature of paradise. We will be performing Grieg’s Haugtussa, Op. 67 in the Pip & Pop installation to further emphasize Tanya Schultz’s work that is often ephemeral, meticulously constructed and highly detailed to embrace notions of abundance, utopian dreams, and fleeting pleasure. She is fascinated with ideas of paradise and wish-fulfillment described in folk tales, mythologies and cinema.

Pip & Pop creates immersive installations and artworks from an eclectic range of materials including sugar, glitter, candy, plastic flowers, everyday craft materials and all sorts of objects she finds on her travels. Her practice embodies both independent and collaborative processes across varying disciplines including installation, painting, wall-works and sculpture. 

Mrs. Briggle’s Musical tea

Our inspiration for this second musical pop-up in Breckenridge, CO came about from learning the historic gold-mining and civil rights history of the town.

This pop-up will be a collaboration with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance and BreckCreate to present an afternoon of tea and musical stories. We will be performing in historical costumes in the home of William and Kate Briggle. This historic home is a representation of how a wealthy family lived in Breckenridge at the turn of the century.

Mr. Briggle was a prominent man in Breckenridge who worked at the local bank and Mrs. Briggle was an affluent music instructor who often hosted events and musical concerts. DB Project will be playing the part of a traveling musical troupe who has been invited to perform in the home of the Briggles. We will be singing a wide array of Americana music.

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