who we are

Das Blümelein Project is a collaborative arts company based in Dallas, Texas.

Ms. Mamola and Ms. Migoni met in music school almost a decade ago and have since founded Das Blümelein Project, an organization created by artists to support artists. Both women strayed from the limited, traditional career options for opera singers and created their own path, one that gives them and other artists an avenue to create. Since its inception, Das Blümelein Project has been the recipient of the Breckenridge Creative Artist Residency in Colorado, the TX Studio Artist Residency in Dallas, Texas, and has participated in the Cherry on Top Creatives Festival in Marfa, Texas. Das Blümelein Project regularly tours throughout the United States and has been invited to perform and speak at a number of universities.

Learn more about our story and who we are through our videos.

what we do

We create immersive and interactive musical storytelling experiences.

We break the barriers associated with classical music in order to highlight the beauty of this valued repertoire and reach a greater and more diverse audience. We push the boundaries of traditional performance practices by producing our shows in unconventional spaces and combining different artistic mediums.

We collaborate with creatives across a wide spectrum of mediums including but not limited to sculpture, textile, painting, photography, video production, music, dance, acting, and the culinary arts.

Why do we do it?

  • To create paid opportunities for artists to express.

  • To keep these art forms alive, vibrant, and accessible.

  • To build opportunities and sustainability in the world of performance art.

  • To give audiences a reason to come together and connect through stories.

  • To support cultural innovation and creative thinking for our communities.